Sleep Disordered Breathing

How would you feel if your dentist raised questions about your child regarding ADD/ADHD (hyperactivity), bedwetting, mouth breathing, restless sleep, nightmares, irritability and mood swings, daytime drowsiness, and difficulty in school? Research shows that these symptoms are outward signs of Sleep Disordered Breathing. Werschky and Lewis Family Dentistry might be able to help!

Early treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing symptoms and establishing correct oral habits and behaviors is crucial for best results and lifelong benefits for both dental and overall health.

Early diagnosis and new treatments work to provide children with proper oral function in conjunction with proper nasal breathing. These ideas are based on research that proves oral function and habits significantly impact a child’s facial and dental growth and development and, most importantly, the development of their airway.

Currently 3 out of 4 children have crowded teeth and incorrectly developing jaws often related to airway issues and sleep disordered breathing. Airway health is an exploding field in dentistry and medicine, because we can now see the signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing in our children and can work to prevent them before they become chronic problems, such as sleep apnea, later in life.

The Healthy Start system ( is changing the way we treat dental problems and at Werschky and Lewis Family Dentistry we can evaluate your child and provide you with information and consultation regarding whether this program can benefit your child. To learn more about this rapidly developing treatment, contact us today at (810)695-7120.

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