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Teeth Cleaning in Grand Blanc

Total Dental Health Care in Genesee County

At Werschky & Lewis Family Dentistry, our dedicated team of Grand Blanc dental health professionals recommend that you schedule regular recare appointments for examination and the appropriate cleaning.

How Often Should I Visit The Dentist?

These recare appointments vary from 3-4 months to the typical 6 months appointment. Teeth cleanings and examinations are both critical aspects of preventative oral health care.

Remember that "Prevention" is the cornerstone of the dental profession. We are committed to doing everything we can to help ensure that your overall health is protected and any issues are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For more information about when you should visit a dentist for teeth cleaning, read our informative blog post.

What Happens During a Routine Teeth Cleaning?

Typical exams and teeth cleaning in Grand Blanc will generally include:

  • The removal of any tartar or plaque which can frequently lead to periodontal disease or tooth decay.
  • Polish and floss your teeth to ensure they are clean and healthy
  • Examine your teeth for signs of potentially damaging diseases or conditions
  • Educate you as to your specific condition and requirements for maintaining your health

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A Commitment to Total Care

We evaluate your smile with x-rays and other forms of in-depth examination so that you are always receiving the highest quality of dental care. The treatments and procedures you receive are always tailored to your unique needs! By ensuring that you have regular examinations and cleanings, you are able to maintain excellent oral health. The prevention of gum disease and cavities is critically important to your overall health and is influenced by your personal hygiene habits. You can learn more about our Genesee County dentists and why they offer the very best treatments available.

Make Us a Part of Your Dental Health Routine

Teeth cleanings and examinations are some of the easiest ways to bolster your dental health and, by extension, your overall health. By making Werschky & Lewis Family Dentistry a part of your regular healthcare routine, you can ensure that your smile will be healthy and beautiful for years to come! If you would like to supplement your cleaning with teeth whitening, we have proven methods that ensure a brilliant smile.

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