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If you are experiencing a problem with teeth that are eroded or cracked, dental crowns in Grand Blanc may be just the solution you need. Problems such as these have the potential to affect the bite, causing imbalances and pain, as well as frequently make patients feel self-conscious about smiling.

Rather than simply live with these issues, potentially causing further problems down the road, our highly skilled dentists can work with you to create personalized solutions.

At Werschky, Lewis & Slatton Family Dentistry, we have been trusted by our patients since 1977 and we can help you restore your confidence and your smile.

How Does a Dental Crown Work?

Generally speaking, dental crowns are prepared, fabricated and delivered in a couple of visits to the office. Before we ever begin work, we take the time to sit down with you and educate you on the procedure, what your options are, proper care, and much more. In our office, our motto is “inform before you perform,” because we feel that educating patients is of paramount importance.

A dental crown application will generally include the following:

  • The tooth will be numbed to remove decay from the affected area
  • It will then be sculpted to provide the best possible fit for the crown
  • A digital scan or impression of the tooth is taken to build a custom-fit crown
  • A temporary crown is placed while waiting for the final crown
  • The permanent crown is cemented after confirming a perfect fit

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Werschky, Lewis & Slatton Family Dentistry Can Help

We are committed to providing patients with the highest level of care possible for dentistry in Genesse County. Few things are more rewarding than being able to help patients feel more comfortable and confident with their smiles!

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used for dental crowns? 

Common materials include porcelain, metal, ceramic, and a combination of materials. The choice depends on factors such as durability, aesthetics, and the tooth's location.

How long do dental crowns last? 

With proper care and oral hygiene, dental crowns can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years or more.

Can a dental crown be replaced if needed? 

Yes, if a crown becomes damaged or shows signs of wear, it can be replaced by a dentist to maintain tooth protection and aesthetics.

Are there alternatives to dental crowns? 

Depending on the situation, alternatives may include dental veneers, inlays, onlays, or other restorative treatments. Your dentist will recommend the most suitable option based on your specific needs.

Call us today at (810) 671-5616 to learn more about whether or not our Grand Blanc dental crowns may help you! We have decades of experience in assisting people just like you in Genesee County.

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