New Approach to Cavity Detection

Coming out of Dental School 38 years ago, I would not have believed we could diagnose cavities between teeth without the use of x-rays (and radiation). While attending the American Dental Association Annual Session in San Antonio, I was surprised to discover that there is new technology using infra-red light (no radiation) to trans-illuminate teeth and literally see the cavities that are between teeth.

Thinking about all the positives this instrument offers to our patients, no radiation, no bulky sharp edges, gaggy x-rays, and early detection for easier treatment, I made the decision to invest in this latest technology. Werschky and Lewis Family Dentistry now has the Dexis CariVu tans-illuminator in our office. This technology supports the identification of occlusal (biting surface), interproximal (between teeth), recurrent decay and cracks in teeth.

The appliance hugs the tooth and bathes it in safe, near infrared light making the enamel transparent while the porous decay traps and absorbs the light allowing the dentist to see the defect. When used together, a radiograph, trans-illuminating image, and intra-oral photograph provide a comprehensive picture of the health of a tooth. For those patients who refuse x-rays, or for children whose mouths aren’t quite big enough for x-rays, the CariVu is an alternative method with which they can be comfortable while the dentist obtains the necessary information to make an accurate diagnosis.

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