Bad Brushing Habits to Break

We all know we should brush our teeth twice a day for best oral care. But bad habits can creep up on even the mightiest of dental hygiene heroes. Let’s review some bad habits to break this month!

Hard Times: Brushing too hard can lead to damage of the tooth enamel and painful problems with your gums. Brushing harder won’t actually remove more food particles or plaque from your teeth. A gentle brush is all that’s needed–and, it may help your toothbrush last longer. Remember, be gentle!

Too Soon: Resist the urge to brush right after eating–especially if you’ve had something acidic, like lemons, soda, or alcohol. Brushing right after consuming acidic foods can harm your teeth. Wait about 30 minutes after eating to brush and floss. Try drinking water or chewing sugarless, ADA approved gum to help clean your mouth while you wait.

Speed Demon: One of the habits most of us are guilty of is not using enough time for each session of toothbrushing. It should take 2 minutes, twice a day to brush your teeth. Flossing should take 2-3 minutes per session. If you are having trouble spending enough time on your teeth, try setting a timer. Even better, turn on your favorite tune and have a listen while you brush.

Talk to your dentist about these and other healthy habits to include in your oral hygiene routine. Dr. Jay A. Werschky and our team here at Werschky, Lewis & Slatton Family Dentistry will be happy to help you on your way to an even healthier smile! Call us at (810) 671-5616 to set an appointment today!

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